Help us!


If you would like to help the disabled children living in social care homes and you are in a financial situation that enables you to do so, please support Seedling Trust. We gratefully accept any donations!

How can you make donations?

The way that suits you the most! We are offering several options to contribute, here are some suggestions:

  • Allocate 1% of your tax payment to us (our Hungarian tax number is 18267701-1-43)
  • contribute in purchasing another specially-fitted minibus (used to transport disabled children)
  • Equipment and material donations: equipment, tickets (concerts, zoo, wildlife parks), school supplies, materials for group workshops, donations of sports or playground equipment passes for sports activities, or supplies for the garden and for other therapies as well such as seeds and plants
  • Make a child's dream come true - join in our Christmas heart project
  • Donation of programs for disabled children and youth
  • Contribution in creating therapy rooms for children who for health reasons cannot leave the facility

You may find all the important information relevant to making a donation here.


If you would like to help Seedling Trust with your professional knowledge, physical strength and mostly with your enthusiasm and empathy you are more than welcome to join us to help us in the following:

  • participation with a child in events organized in or outside the care homes attending and accompanying the child
  • accompanying the residents of care homes on excursions to cultural events and restaurants
  • any creative help in decorating care home (e.g. residents' rooms with fun and stimulating arts and crafts installations)

You may read about other activities here – and of course you can join in as our helper to any of them.

In order to experience the unforgettable feeling of volunteering and to join us, please contact us.


We depend on voluntary funding - any small amount - or kind support is highly appreciated. It takes so little to do so much...


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