Olympians and sportsmen unite to run for disabled children...

Péter Puskás, Éva Horváth, Áron Szilágyi and Edina Kulcsár spend these days in fevered preparation prior to 30th SPAR Budapest Marathon. By running 10 km, they all support Seedling Trust with donating a significant amount. BioTech USA, developer of a range of dietary supplements, joined the charitable initiative of Holmes Place Health Club.  

Seedling Trust was founded in 2009 with the aim to improve the quality of life of disabled children and young adults who live in care homes in Budapest. The independent foundation helped to introduce the creative form of fundraising: charity marathons.

”We would like to make charity running a well-known method of fundraising in Hungary, as charity running strengthens the body and warms the heart.  Charity running means that before you run a race, you choose a good cause and try to collect sponsorships. Sponsors pay basically for you for each kilometre you run.  But it’s not just the funds generated that make the difference – it’s that collective, contagious buzz that moves the group of people to support others with the help of sports. We are happy and proud that famous sportsmen and celebrities also support our Seedlings, the children with serious disabilities – they all run to the finish line on 11th October at this year’s SPAR Marathon” –Andrea Snow, the founder and chair of Seedling Trust explained the aim of charity running.  

Running plays an important role in the every days of Áron Szilágyi, Éva Horváth, Edina Kulcsár and Péter Puskás – János Vadon also joined them  – and it is similarly important for them that they help others in need - and the best thing for them to do is if they can connect the two! Those who also support our initiative are Danuta Kozák Olympic and world champion kayaker, Gábor Csőre and Csaba Pindroch actors, Attila Vajda Olympic and European champion canoeist, Károly Balzsai prize-fighter, as well as Levente Suha and István Velkei, sportsmen of the Special Olympics Hungary.

“It is a great honour for me to be part of Team Heart and to support this noble cause. I have long been following the charity work that Seedling Trust does, I believe that their special initiative makes disabled children and young adults live their life much happier and it’s nice to see smiles on their faces. I have been doing my trainings for many years at Holmes Place under the wings of Áron Kiss – I  am sure he will get me now move all my energies. I don’t have worries about the first 4-5 km, but after that I will need my internal reserves” – smiles Áron Szilágyi, Olympic champion sabre fencer who steams ahead the big challenge in October.

Sport plays an important role in the life of Éva Horváth and Edina Kulcsár as well – and their perfect figure is the proof. With their run they are happy to support a good cause – they put all their heart into helping us to reach our goals.

Éva laughs: “I am happy to be part of this fantastic initiative – when running all those kilometres, I will be thinking of the children whom I can help with my running. I train and run regularly – maybe 10 kilometres is not a big challenge for me... could I run more, please?

Edina Kulcsár adds: “As a beauty queen I always have to be in best shape, so I am well trained and try to follow health-conscious living. Thank you for my supporters and the Seedling Trust that they trust me and I feel happy that I can support this good cause”.

Sport is a key issue for Peti Puskás, he trains often but because of concerts and rehearsals he had in the summer, in this period he did not have too much time left for sports. Now he started  shaping up and he is happy to support children in need.

“My life in the summer months was a bit quiet – says Peti Puskás singer – so I was keen to start with training again. The best thing in it is that I can support with my run children who live their lives with serious disabilities. I am always happy to take part in charity events, I think this idea of Holmes Place is very creative. I will make special efforts and do my best to finish the race and make a small child smile”.

The author of this heart-warming initiative  is Holmes Place Health Club – they believe  charity events can have a special role in connecting fundraising to sports and healthy living. “With charity events we would like to call people’s attention to the fact that these events can be in close connection with sports. That’s why we support the fantastic initiative of Seedling Trust, namely that children in need can be supported with running. SPAR Budapest Marathon is a very prominent race – we will be able to support the good cause hand in hand with celebrities. Celebrities, of course, will enjoy professional help from our side and runners who register at Holmes Place, will support Seedling Trust with 20% of their registration fee and help fulfilling their mission. The Trust’s goal is to raise 5 million HUF by the end of the year and buy a minibus that enables children to leave the walls of the care homes” – explains Noam Yitzhak, the managing director of Holmes Place.

BioTech USA is the other main sponsor of this year’s charity marathon. The company developed a professional range of dietary supplements –products of their Endurance line will help runners in their professional training.

“BioTech USA is proud to be a main sponsor of the event and support others with the help of sports. Our mission is to support sports and health-conscious living and make them more popular. We would like to call the attention to charity marathon running. Running is one of the healthiest and simplest way of sporting, but it’s  also a fantastic tool to raise funds. We with our help would like to give Seedlings a similar feeling of freedom that sportsmen enjoy. Each person – either healthy or disabled – has the right to sports and to freedom” – said Ferenc Bíró marketing manager.

Celebs are already in their best shape and they are looking forward to reaching the finish line on 11th October – this event will fill with further energy not only their bodies but even their hearts...  


We depend on voluntary funding - any small amount - or kind support is highly appreciated. It takes so little to do so much...


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