October news

Be the inspiration -- sponsor a Seedling's Dream

If you’ve ever wanted to help someone in a way that you could immediately feel the payback, this may be the best chance you’ll get this year. We’re campaigning to find dream sponsors for the Seedlings in the Care Homes to help meet individual needs better than we ever have before.

Month by month we introduce you to the Seedlings. Please meet Gábor, who gets around with the help of a wheelchair but is learning to eat on his own. He loves movies and music, and is very keen on taking trips to the zoo, the Budakeszi Wildlife Park and Margit Island, as well as movies, concerts and puppet shows.

If you’d like to sponsor programs for Gábor, accompany him on excursions, or get to know any of the other Seedlings at the Care Homes and their needs, contact us to discuss the details. Seedling Trust is working to keep a broad range of fun group programs running for the Care Homes kids and young adults, too – August and September were full of horseback riding, trips to the zoo, swimming and visits to Lake Balaton. We are always in need of corporate and individual supporters for these programs, too!


Students, parents and teachers from the Thomas Mann Deutsche Schule and a group of runners from Tárnok made a fantastic running  for us in Team Heart at the Budapest Marathon on Oct. 7. We were nearly 150 strong, including several of the Seedlings, who came to see us off at the start line. If you'd like for your school to partner with us in a similar way, please get in touch!

Meet the Trustees -- here's Anni!

Part of Seedling Trust’s lifeblood is its great group of Trustees. Their willingness to lend their good names and professional skills to further our work is a source of strength to us and an inspiration to others as well. They help us behind the scenes in their own modest, low-key ways – that’s why we think it’s important for our public to get to know them! This month’s introduction is Annamária Radácsy who has been with the Trust since its inception and is involved in its work on a daily basis. As a still-youthful and energetic mother and grandmother, Anni considers herself to have been blessed in life, and sees the Trust as a great means to express her gratitude.

“I think in today’s difficult economic situation there is particular need for good civil initiatives,“ she says. “Seedling is the best example of how small efforts and achieve great results – and the reward is in the kids’s eyes…the Trust has  some very serious plans, and based on what’s happened so far it seems to me that they’re going to succeed in making it happen.“



Hello, New York!

The ING New York Marathon is coming up faster than Usain Bolt in the 100 meter dash. Team Heart is packing their bags and getting in last-minute training runs. Support them in the big event November 4!  Please contribute whatever you can via our secure Paypal link. Keep watching these pages for an update on the big day and how much we raised for the Seedlings. Each team member's Facebook fundraising page follows:

Háberl Péter

Klemné Zabó Ágnes

Lévárd Linda

Gamplett Gábor

Klára Holló

Andrea Snow


We depend on voluntary funding - any small amount - or kind support is highly appreciated. It takes so little to do so much...


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