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Sports day at Marczibányi tér Sports Center!

Whether it was the first attempt at a new sport, or a newfound friendship, everybody came away from the Sports Center on June 16 with a cherished memory. The event, part of the „Road to London” Olympics event series and organized jointly by Seedling Trust and the Hungarian Special Olympics Committee, gave its participants a great day of sports, games and getting to know each other. Participants included residents of the Budapest Care Homes, athletes from the Special Olympics Hungary, the British Council and others. Featured, too, was the „Double Fantasy” photo exhibit by eM György Soós and Wei Xiang. Said the Seedling Trust’s co-founder and Olympic Torchbearer Andrea Snow, "For many of us it wasn’t just an intimate, wonderful day, but an occasion for us to marvel at the incredible and inspiring abilities of the Seedlings and the Special Olympics athletes.”

Said British Ambassador to Hungary Jonathan Knott, who also attended:

“I’m overjoyed to participate in an event that brings the Olympic spirit closer to people, especially if it’s also about children with disabilities. Our job is to bring the London games closer to people, and we want to do so by realizing the most environmentally-sensitive and accessible Olympic and Paralympic events yet.”

Said György Szilas, the facility’s director, "I am sure that this day was the first of a long cooperation. The needs of disabled children has always been an issue close to my heart, but after this day it became even closer. I am so glad I could participate in this event and I’m so grateful to everyone who made its success possible.“

Other participants agreed – said chef Mariann Kiss, “Everybody needs love and care. We became one big happy family that day – we ate, drink, enjoyed each other.“

More photos on Facebook at www.facebook.com/partofteamheart


Children's day, celebrated a few days late at one of the homes with karaoke, a puppet show and an obstacle course, plus Ben and Jerry's ice cream donated by the owner of Culinaris. More photos on Facebook:

Sports are for everyone -- and on June 16 at the Marczibányi tér sports center we're going to prove it, with a fun and inclusive day of sports and games in a 2012 London Olympics theme.


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