News, January 2012

January 31, 2012

"An excellent example of how sport can be used as a force for good. "

This was how Samsung Electronics Hungary's representatives described Andrea Snow as they officially designated her and six other community activists as members of the "Dream Team," which means they will each have the honor of carrying the Olympic Torch in July.

Although Samsung has a tradition of sponsoring runners for the torch relay, this year marks a radical departure:  the team's seven runners are not celebrities or well-known public figures, but instead what the company's representatives called "everyday heroes."

Besides Andrea -- who was nominated for her tireless work to support the Seedlings and efforts to promote charity marathons in Hungary -- the team includes other everyday heroes who work with children with Down's syndrome and serve as volunteer coaches to severely disadvantaged or at-risk teenagers. Andrea and her six Dream Teammates were chosen from more than 1200 applicants.

Botond Kováts, marketing and communications director for Samsung Hungary, with Andrea and fellow Dream Team member Richárd Veres, kickboxing champion and social activist.

The Dream Team, front and back, and with top management from Samsung Electronics Hungary



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