April 2012 news

Visiting Ability Park with the German School students

April 19, 2012

“Children must be given two things: roots and wings.” That’s the motto – borrowed from Goethe -- of the Thomas Mann Gymnasium, a German international school that Seedling Trust has started an exciting new partnership with. An essential part of Seedling Trust’s mission is to help integrate severely disabled children and young people into society – and the flip side of that means helping build stronger empathy and understanding in the wider community of what it means to have a disability. And where better to begin than with schoolchildren?

Our first major excursion with the school was April 16, the destination was Ability Park in Budapest’s District X. There were a little more than 20 of us, including 10 from the German School and 10 from the Care Homes.

Ability Park is a ten-year-old award-winning interactive entertainment center designed to help people without disabilities understand what it’s like to be physically or mentally handicapped. It’s a complex equal opportunities project: its education and training program translates the problems of people with diabilities into the language of various professions (architecture, education, media, IT) and illustrates that disability is more a technical issue than a social one.

The park functions as an essential employment program that plays a significant role in the workplace rehabilitation of people with disabilities through employing disabled people in its operation. It also offers a meaningful, unforgettable experience for visitors.The German School students got to experience first hand the incredible challenge of traveling in a wheelchair, and over the course of the morning there were lots of new bonds formed. We hope this will be the first of many common events with the German School, and we’d like to build similar relationships with other Budapest schools as well.

April 16, 2012

Wednesday, April 18 will mark 100 days until the start of the Summer Olympics in London, so the Marczibányi tér Sport Center in District II is starting out on the 4,300 kilometer virtual "road to London." On Wednesday at 11 a.m. Jonathan Knott, the British Ambassador to Hungary, will kick off the event, along with the General Secretary of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, Zoltán Molnár, Deputy Secretary Pál Szekeres, Olympic Torchbearer Andrea Snow and swimmer Dóra Pásztory.   For the next 100 days we will travel -- virtually -- through nearly all of Europe to show the community some of the most important sites in the history of the Olympic Games -- with special emphasis on this year's Games in London. We welcome with open arms anyone who wants to join us -- come run with us, get your name on the visitors' wall for Road to London 2012 and be in our video! Read more on: http://marcziateren.blog.hu/.

April 12, 2012

Meet the London Olympic Torch Bearers at the 3. Samsung Olympic Green Festival!

Join us May 1 at the airfield at Hármashatár-hegy. Choose from cross country running, hiking, cycling or Nordic walking. Running courses include 3-7 kilometers for beginners, 14 kilometers for intermediate level runners and 21 kilometers for more experienced athletes. If you would like to chill out and admire the landscape, hike or try Nordic walking on our 11 or 23 kilometres tours. The route goes mostly on tourist roads designated in the Buda hills. The 9th Buda Mountain Bike Marathon will also take place on courses of 42 km, 21 km or 10 km, plus a 1 km student cup for kids. More details here.

New: Log the kilometers you run for charity -- in just one easy step! We're proud to present you a revolutionary new way to show you care: log the kilometers for a good cause -- in just one easy step!

With your run, walk or bike ride at the Samsung Olympic Green Festival log your kilometers for a special cause. Team Heart’s initiative is to collect kilometers between April – November 2012. At the end of this year, Team Heart will “sell” those special kilometers to a sponsor and will equally share all proceedings among organizations and charities working with children who are severely disabled and mentally handicapped.In the interest of having one total count for one world that has a lot of languages, we ask everyone to follow this link: Put in your data and your number and you're done! Thanks in advance for joining us in our mission to make charity running the leading fundraising model in Hungary.


We depend on voluntary funding - any small amount - or kind support is highly appreciated. It takes so little to do so much...


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