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DID YOU KNOW that Robert Snow's great great great uncle was Dr. John Snow, the leading pioneer in the development of anesthesia in Britain and the first doctor to give an anesthetic to a reigning monarch; Queen Victoria!   In 1854, Dr. Snow also made an historic discovery about how Cholera was transmitted and linked the deaths in the London cholera epidemic to a water pump in Broad Street, Soho.   He removed the pump handle, the epidemic was contained and further deaths were prevented.  UK based charity WaterAid is keenly promoting the work of Dr. John Snow.
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john snow

John Snow (15 March 1813 – 16 June 1858)             

Virgin London Marathon on 25th April, 2010

As part of her further dedication to charity and good causes for the benefit of children in need, Andrea will take part in the Virgin London Marathon - “the largest sports related fund raising event in the world” to raise money for the children in Africa through WaterAid.


Please take a moment to think about all the children in the world - Hungary, Africa or Asia:
Children need us to make the change for them.

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We depend on voluntary funding - any small amount - or kind support is highly appreciated. It takes so little to do so much...


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