Seedling Trust and Team Heart

Seedling Trust - Csemete Alapítvány

Our Trust’s mission is to make the lives of children and youth living in social care homes easier and happier and to deploy the valuable talents they have in them. Since we know it from experience that all of us – even if disabled – have somewhere deep inside the ability to create a better and more meaningful life. Our task is to spread the seeds of hope and let them spring. This we accomplish by organizing diverse developing activities using the donations and by purchasing the equipment the social care homes in the need of (e.g. minibus for the transportation of the “seedlings”).

Team Heart

It is our fundraising method that makes us truly unique: charity running, triathlon and other sport activities, events. That is the reason why Team Heart is the pillar of our Trust that has professionals, dedicated hobby sportsmen and volunteers among its members. Our sportsmen collect donations from the sponsors they contacted for every kilometer they run, swim or bike, supporting the cause dear to their hearts. So both in literal and metaphorical terms we make things move starting positive changes in the everyday life of the youth.

Our volunteers, on the other hand, organize and co-ordinate useful and exciting activities for both the little and the older ones such as swim classes, excursions and pet therapy workshops.

Our team aims to participate in as many national running races as possible and we take part in several races abroad as well every year.

100% of the donations collected by Team Heart help the activities of Seedling Trust in a fully transparent and auditable way.

Everybody is welcome to join us: the only thing you will need is a pair of strong legs and a heart filled with good intentions – we will gladly help you with the rest!

Our runners

Our sportsmen are from various age groups and come from diverse backgrounds, moreover, they are often of different nationality. The same diversity applies to their history as sportsmen: some of them are devoted marathon runners, while others are weekend hobby runners, triathlonists and Ironman. But there is one thing that binds us together in one united fellowship: we want to help.

Meet some stalwart members of our running team!

A new aspect to my running races: I run for a good cause in the races. I collect donations for Seedling Trust, a Hungarian charity organization and I participate in the races as a member of Team Heart. The activity of Seedling Trust is an entirely new initiation here in Hungary and I hope that it will have more and more followers just like in other foreign countries. After meeting with the donated children in person and participating in their events I realized how much it means to them to have the minibus that was purchased from the donations, the swimming classes, the gymnastics workshops, etc. So running serves not solely my physical-spiritual well-being but far more: it serves a nice and noble goal as well.

(Klára Holló)

We know now what charity running means giving us a great emotional impetus and ever since we are trying to bind running to charity. Our goal remained to achieve development and to run with joy and out of pleasure. We are not after results since with the persistence, humility and pleasure needed we will have them anyway. We met many people thanks to running: as a result of this many “running” friendships, races are more like parties. It is very hard to describe what we owe to running. If I had to sum it up I would say we have become better people.”

( Helga and Péter Pohl)


We depend on voluntary funding - any small amount - or kind support is highly appreciated. It takes so little to do so much...


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