Our mission

Our objectives

Who do we serve?

We work directly with several institutions by Sztehló Gábor homes in Budapest taking care of „seedlings” who face serious challenges in almost all the aspects of their lives. In addition, each of the care home residents is an individual case – their physical and mental conditions vary widely requiring a devoted specially trained helper’s care. The emotional support these children are provided is of special importance since in most of cases the children live their lives without a loving family: the majority of them are orphaned or put in the custody of the city/state because their parents are simply unwilling or unable to care for them.

Some of them are:

  • autistic,
  • mentally retarded,
  • physically impaired (e.g.blind, paralyzed)
  • children suffering from chronic diseases,
  • children struggling with other serious problems.


Because: it is hard to face these children’s condition living in social care homes therefore, the society often tends to ignore problems that are not easy to solve. It would take a great amount of human labour and financial support/expenses to solve the problem. From our point of view being in the children’s situation is far more difficult than facing this problem. This is the reason why we, healthy people have to stand for the duty to support them as much as our own personal possibilities allow us to.

Because: despite the fact that the devoted staff of the institutions do the best they can to provide emotional safety and comfort, unfortunately it is in many cases not enough. As financial resources available are severely limited, the everyday life of the „seedlings” often pass by in a monotonous environment lacking stimulations, unlike healthy children who can enjoy numerous learning and entertaining activities available for them. We intend to fill this gap by creating programs wholeheartedly that focus on individual needs to help them reach their greatest possible mental and physical potential

What is charity run and how could one be a charity marathoner or triathlonist?
How can this help the „seedlings”?

We believe that although there are significant differences between healthy and disabled people the same heart is beating inside of us with the same enthusiasm and will to live. So we are literally moving toward the goal dearest to our hearts: with the help of running and triathlon we do our best to move and obtain people’s goodwill and support. We do that while valuing and keeping our body in shape. Unfortunately the children who we support are not given this chance by the cruel fate. We share, though the same desire: to live a happy and exciting life. That is why we aim to provide these children with the same amount of opportunities and chances as we have.

Our achievements

How much money did we manage to raise so far?

We are touched and proud to see the gratitude in the eyes of the children since we managed to raise since we were founded over 60 million HUF by mobilizing several hundreds of runners in the country and various charity events, both at home and abroad.

This fund is spent on the following to support the disabled children in state care in Hungary:
  • two specially-fitted minibuses for transportation of disabled children and youth
  • furniture, desks, beds and other equipment helping children’s life worth of 5 million HUF
    maintenance of outdoor areas and construction of a healing therapy garden
  • organisation of experience therapies, excursions, vacations, cultural, Christmas and celebration program series
  • organisation of therapeutic programs: pet and horse therapy, pony riding, garden therapy, swim classes and hydrotherapy, leisure time programs: storytelling room, music and cultural programs
  • sports and therapy sessions equipment, accessories
  • furniture and experience therapy equipment: TV, music and sound technology equipment
  • construction of a storytelling room and a playground
  • participation in sports days, marathon and triathlon races and events
  • donations of food
  • donations of clothing
  • personalized Christmas gifts
  • other gifts useful for the children
  • donations of flower, herbs, ornaments
  • Team Heart sports uniforms and accessories
  • visiting movie theatres, circus and zoo
  • keeping close contact and cooperation with Hungarian and International schools in Hungary and abroad
  • group and individual workshops assisted by volunteers
  • with using private and company relations we promote the improvement of the quality of the children’s life
  • the entire income from publishing Andrea Snow’s two books supports the Seedlings, as well
  • opening a charity shop with three main priorities: love, sports and support on the basis of what we organize sport programs, cultural and therapeutic workshops and fundraising events for the children with the assistance of volunteers on a regular basis.

How does this support get to us?

In the past few years Andrea Snow, founder and heart of Seedling Trust ran more than 17,000 km. Every single step she took while running dozens of marathons and half-marathons in Budapest and abroad, and triathlons raised more and more money for support.

In addition, the Trust organized several major fundraising events at which those private individuals who wished not to participate in the sporting events and numerous partner companies were given the chance to support the noble cause.

How do we use the donations?

It goes without saying that it is of great importance for us to provide the donations received in a fully transparent way to the ones in need. 100% of the Trust’s income is spent on equipment and events to make the life of children living in social care homes easier and on programs providing them development and entertainment.

We used the funds raised to purchase two specially-fitted minibuses for the „seedlings” so far. This provides them the opportunity to participate on excursions all across the country or to do sports and attend to cultural events.

Thanks to the volunteers’ dedicated work the children are given the possibility to choose from several activities:

  • swimming classes, hydrotherapy
  • pet and horse therapy
  • cultural events (music, dance, storytelling)
  • excursions to Budapest
  • excursions to the countryside (e.g. to the Lake Balaton, to Szálka)
  • celebrations, parties: Christmas, Children’s Day, Carnival
  • Seedlings Sports Day 

Annual reports

Annual reports


We depend on voluntary funding - any small amount - or kind support is highly appreciated. It takes so little to do so much...


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