Charity through sports

Charity running and triathlons means that when you participate in a race or other event you collect donations from a sponsor or sponsors for every kilometer. However, beside fundraising community running can be the motor of changing the world and human nature for the better all at the same time. In such an event many people's heart beat as one: sportsmen motivate each other acheiving goals to make the world a better place. In other words: literally and theoretically we are moving to make the causes being important for us to happen. Of course we can choose any other sports, whatever the heart tells us!.

How does it work?

  1. The charity sports(wo)man chooses the appropriate noble goal: an organization he wishes to support.
  2. He goes on a donation campaign approaching his/her friends, people (s)he knows and socially sensitive associations.
  3. (S)he accomplishes a distance fitting his/her physical condition.
  4. (S)he supports the chosen organization with the amount collected.

Achievements abroad and in our home country

The world's biggest charity running race is the London Marathon which was established in 1981. Each year this event is said to raise more than 14 billion HUF (£40 million) by charity runners.

In Hungary in the past few years since the first charity run organized in 2009 we managed to collect more than 60 million HUF for Seedling Trust together.

Tips and tools for charity runners

Charity running is an exciting and powerful way to make the world a better and more livable place. For those who are getting acquainted with the method just now or in need of a little bit of additional motivation we're providing some helpful information hereunder:


Co-founder Andrea Snow's books – Heart over Heels and More than a runner - provide details guidelines for those who are interested in training programs, fundraising and charity marathon running.

Besides providing practical tips the books give inspiration to the readers showing how to serve the right cause with not only their empathy but with their physical strength, as well. We can learn why it is charity running that is one of the most efficient ways of fundraising all over the world.

The source of the most helpful topic-related information could not be a more authentic candidate than Andrea who is an Ambassador of charity running in Hungary. It goes without saying that the entire income from publishing these books is donated to the children supported by Seedling Trust.

I order the books

Facebook group

We hope to see you on our social websites! If you would like to know more about our activities or you feel you would be happy to meet our activists then please become a member of Team Heart's closed group: here you get the answers to all your questions!

Open your heart to the world! Choose the activities, events that fit you the best and follow Team Heart in every season!

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Frequently asked questions and answers

How can you support us?

The most important thing is that the goal you are aiming to achieve should be at your heart, let the challenge be just a few kilometers of running or swimming, the half-marathon, marathon, triathlon or IronMan. Then you can be well-informed and convincing enough during the discussion with the sponsors. And if you are truly dedicated the donors will be just as well!

What's a good fundraising campaign look like?

Don't be pushy! First of all, it is ambitious and persuasive. Describe your goal briefly and concisely and have impact on the potential donors' emotions by telling your own story, with some impressive photos or with a moving fundraising appeal letter in which you are asking for a donation:

  • Mention it if you have somebody in your family or among your friends who is struggling with the same disease, problem you are aiming to help solving.
  • The photos you are showing must be positive, concentrating on the results achieved or to be achieved, not on the problem.
  • Do not forget about the emotions when writing a fundraising appeal letter asking for a donation. Be short but impressive.


We depend on voluntary funding - any small amount - or kind support is highly appreciated. It takes so little to do so much...


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